Market with Confidence

Create authentic, raw and real marketing content that give value to your customers. Feel confident in your marketing communication – and become the go-to expert within your field.

Use marketing techniques that attracts your desired customers to your business. Customers that already are interested in your offering and will contact you to ask for more.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you know what must be included in a Digital Marketing Strategy?
Do you know how to create a marketing strategy?
Don't know where to start?
Don't know how it works?
Don't know how to get the necessary information?
Let us help you to build a marketing strategy that is adjusted to your business.

Social Media Marketing

Are you on the platform where your customers are active?
Do you know how and what to communicate on social media?
Don't know what to share on Social Media?
Do you struggle giving value to your customer?
Do you have a plan for your Social Media Marketing?

Marketing Automation

Do you know how Marketing Automation work?
Do you know that it allows you to generate potential clients 24/7, 365 days a year?
Don't know how to set up marketing automation in your business or what's included?
Don't know what tools to use?
Need help to set up your marketing automation?

Major struggles

Many business professionals don’t know if they are doing money producing marketing activities or if they are or will get a return on their marketing investment.

Many struggle with knowing how to generate traffic, or how to set up automated lead generation online, leading to wasting money to unsuccessful and expensive marketing activities.

Let me teach you successful online marketing techniques, how to start, or expand, a business online, or let me do it for you.


Consulting Services

Take your business online.
Your Business. Your Success.

Our Consulting Services include three areas:
Educational services, teaching you how to do marketing in your business,
Projects, where you need help with minor projects, or
Monthly Subscriptions, where we help you on a continuous basis with your advertising and marketing using powerful online marketing techniques.

Grow or start a business in a creative, innovative and connecting way – using marketing knowledge and a marketing mindset.

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We offer digital marketing courses so that you can learn how to practice marketing in your business. All courses include videos and worksheets. Learn marketing techniques at your own pace.

Our courses include:

Content Marketing
How to find your Customer Avatar
The Digital Sales Funnel Explained
Email marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Strategy

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Is your marketing projects taking up all your time instead of letting you focus on money producing activities?

We are here to help.
We offer project services such as:
building your Facebook page, website creation, content creation (both visual and copy) like email sequences and newsletters etc. If you are unsure if we can help, just ask us. We are here to help.

Maybe you just need to talk marketing with someone, or about an idea you've got! We are all ears!

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We offer monthly description of our marketing services. We help you with posting content on social media, creation of content, automated marketing funnels, email sequences, sales funnels, newsletters and online advertising. We do your marketing for you.

Wether you need to set up your whole business from scratch or build your businesses marketing automation we can help you succeed.

The monthly subscription we offer is minimum 6 months.

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Have you got an idea that you want to discuss? I am your go to person.

Do you want to get in contact to see how we can help - don't hesitate, I am right here!

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